1. So these three men gave no more answers to Job, because he seemed to himself to be right.

2. And Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, was angry, burning with wrath against Job, because he seemed to himself more right than God;

3. And he was angry with his three friends, because they had been unable to give him an answer, and had not made Job's sin clear.

4. Now Elihu had kept quiet while Job was talking, because they were older than he;

5. And when Elihu saw that there was no answer in the mouth of the three men, he was very angry.

6. And Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite, made answer and said, I am young, and you are very old, so I was in fear, and kept myself from putting my knowledge before you.

7. I said to myself, It is right for the old to say what is in their minds, and for those who are far on in years to give out wisdom.

8. But truly it is the spirit in man, even the breath of the Ruler of all, which gives them knowledge.

9. It is not the old who are wise, and those who are full of years have not the knowledge of what is right.

10. So I say, Give ear to me, and I will put forward my knowledge.

11. I was waiting for your words, I was giving ear to your wise sayings; while you were searching out what to say,

12. I was taking note; and truly not one of you was able to make clear Job's error, or to give an answer to his words.

13. Take care that you do not say, Wisdom is here; God may overcome him, but not man.

14. I will not put forward words like these, or make use of your sayings in answer to him.

15. Fear has overcome them, they have no more answers to give; they have come to an end of words.

16. And am I to go on waiting while they have nothing to say? while they keep quiet and give no more answers?

17. I will give my answer; I will put forward my knowledge:

18. For I am full of words, I am unable to keep in my breath any longer:

19. My stomach is like wine which is unable to get out; like skins full of new wine, it is almost burst.

20. Let me say what is in my mind, so that I may get comfort; let me give answer with open mouth.

21. Let me not give respect to any man, or give names of honour to any living.

22. For I am not able to give names of honour to any man; and if I did, my Maker would quickly take me away.

1. And now, O Job, give ear to my words, and take note of all I say.

2. See, now my mouth is open, my tongue gives out words.

3. My heart is overflowing with knowledge, my lips say what is true.

4. The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Ruler of all gives me life.

5. If you are able, give me an answer; put your cause in order, and come forward.

6. See, I am the same as you are in the eyes of God; I was cut off from the same bit of wet earth.

7. Fear of me will not overcome you, and my hand will not be hard on you.

8. But you said in my hearing, and your voice came to my ears:

9. I am clean, without sin; I am washed, and there is no evil in me:

10. See, he is looking for something against me; in his eyes I am as one of his haters;

11. He puts chains on my feet; he is watching all my ways.

12. Truly, in saying this you are wrong; for God is greater than man.

13. Why do you put forward your cause against him, saying, He gives no answer to any of my words?

14. For God gives his word in one way, even in two, and man is not conscious of it:

15. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep comes on men, while they take their rest on their beds;

16. Then he makes his secrets clear to men, so that they are full of fear at what they see;

17. In order that man may be turned from his evil works, and that pride may be taken away from him;

18. To keep back his soul from the underworld, and his life from destruction.

19. Pain is sent on him as a punishment, while he is on his bed; there is no end to the trouble in his bones;

20. He has no desire for food, and his soul is turned away from delicate meat;

21. His flesh is so wasted away, that it may not be seen, and his bones. ...

22. And his soul comes near to the underworld, and his life to the angels of death.

23. If now there may be an angel sent to him, one of the thousands which there are to be between him and God, and to make clear to man what is right for him;

24. And if he has mercy on him, and says, Let him not go down to the underworld, I have given the price for his life:

25. Then his flesh becomes young again, and he comes back to the days of his early strength;

26. He makes his prayer to God, and he has mercy on him; he sees God's face with cries of joy; he gives news of his righteousness to men;

27. He makes a song, saying, I did wrong, turning from the straight way, but he did not give me the reward of my sin.

28. He kept my soul from the underworld, and my life sees the light in full measure.

29. Truly, God does all these things to man, twice and three times,

30. Keeping back his soul from the underworld, so that he may see the light of life.

31. Take note O Job, give ear to me; keep quiet, while I say what is in my mind.

32. If you have anything to say, give me an answer; for it is my desire that you may be judged free from sin.

33. If not, give attention to me, and keep quiet, and I will give you wisdom.

1. And Elihu made answer and said,

2. Give ear, you wise, to my words; and you who have knowledge, give attention to me;

3. For words are tested by the ear, as food is tasted by the mouth.

4. Let us make the decision for ourselves as to what is right; let us have the knowledge among ourselves of what is good.

5. For Job has said, I am upright, and it is God who has taken away my right;

6. Though I am right, still I am in pain; my wound may not be made well, though I have done no wrong.

7. What man is like Job, a man who freely makes sport of God,

8. And goes in the company of evil-doers, walking in the way of sinners?

9. For he has said, It is no profit to a man to take delight in God.

10. Now then, you wise, take note; you men of knowledge, give ear to me. Let it be far from God to do evil, and from the Ruler of all to do wrong.

11. For he gives to every man the reward of his work, and sees that he gets the fruit of his ways.

12. Truly, God does not do evil, and the Ruler of all is not a false judge.

13. Who put the earth into his care, or made him responsible for the world?

14. If he made his spirit come back to him, taking his breath into himself again,

15. All flesh would come to an end together, and man would go back to the dust.

16. If you are wise, take note of this; give ear to the voice of my words.

17. How may a hater of right be a ruler? and will you say that the upright Ruler of all is evil?

18. He who says to a king, You are an evil-doer; and to rulers, You are sinners;

19. Who has no respect for rulers, and who gives no more attention to those who have wealth than to the poor, for they are all the work of his hands.

20. Suddenly they come to an end, even in the middle of the night: the blow comes on the men of wealth, and they are gone, and the strong are taken away without the hand of man.

21. For his eyes are on the ways of a man, and he sees all his steps.

22. There is no dark place, and no thick cloud, in which the workers of evil may take cover.

23. For he does not give man a fixed time to come before him to be judged.

24. He sends the strong to destruction without searching out their cause, and puts others in their place.

25. For he has knowledge of their works, overturning them in the night, so that they are crushed.

26. The evil-doers are broken by his wrath, he puts his hand on them with force before the eyes of all onlookers.

27. Because they did not go after him, and took no note of his ways,

28. So that the cry of the poor might come up to him, and the prayer of those in need come to his ears.

29. ...

30. ...

31. ...

32. ...

33. ...

34. Men of knowledge, and all wise men, hearing me, will say,

35. Job's words do not come from knowledge; they are not the fruit of wisdom.

36. May Job be tested to the end, because his answers have been like those of evil men.

37. For in addition to his sin, he is uncontrolled in heart; before our eyes he makes sport of God, increasing his words against him.

1. And Elihu made answer and said,

2. Does it seem to you to be right, and righteousness before God, to say,

3. What profit is it to me, and how am I better off than if I had done wrong?

4. I will make answer to you and to your friends:

5. Let your eyes be turned to the heavens, and lifted up to see the skies; they are higher than you.

6. If you have done wrong, is he any the worse for it? and if your sins are great in number, what is it to him?

7. If you are upright, what do you give to him? or what does he take from your hand?

8. Your evil-doing may have an effect on a man like yourself, or your righteousness on a son of man.

9. Because the hand of the cruel is hard on them, men are making sounds of grief; they are crying out for help because of the arm of the strong.

10. But no one has said, Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night;

11. Who gives us more knowledge than the beasts of the earth, and makes us wiser than the birds of the heaven?

12. There they are crying out because of the pride of the evil-doers, but he gives them no answer.

13. But God will not give ear to what is false, or the Ruler of all take note of it;

14. How much less when you say that you do not see him; that the cause is before him, and you are waiting for him.

15. And now ... ;

16. And Job's mouth is open wide to give out what is of no profit, increasing words without knowledge.

1. And Elihu went on to say,

2. Give me a little more time, and I will make it clear to you; for I have still something to say for God.

3. I will get my knowledge from far, and I will give righteousness to my Maker.

4. For truly my words are not false; one who has all knowledge is talking with you.

5. Truly, God gives up the hard-hearted, and will not give life to the sinner.

6. His eyes are ever on the upright, and he gives to the crushed their right;

7. Lifting them up to the seat of kings, and making them safe for ever.

8. And if they have been prisoned in chains, and taken in cords of trouble,

9. Then he makes clear to them what they have done, even their evil works in which they have taken pride.

10. Their ear is open to his teaching, and he gives them orders so that their hearts may be turned from evil.

11. If they give ear to his voice, and do his word, then he gives them long life, and years full of pleasure.

12. But if not, they come to their end, and give up their breath without knowledge.

13. Those who have no fear of God keep wrath stored up in their hearts; they give no cry for help when they are made prisoners.

14. They come to their end while they are still young, their life is short like that of those who are used for sex purposes in the worship of their gods.

15. He makes the wrong done to the poor the way of their salvation, opening their ears by their trouble.

16. ...

17. ...

18. ...

19. ...

20. ...

21. Take care not to be turned to sin, for you have taken evil for your part in place of sorrow.

22. Truly God is lifted up in strength; who is a ruler like him?

23. Who ever gave orders to him, or said to him, You have done wrong?

24. See that you give praise to his work, about which men make songs.

25. All people are looking on it; man sees it from far.

26. Truly, God is great, greater than all our knowledge; the number of his years may not be searched out.

27. For he takes up the drops from the sea; he sends them through his mist as rain,

28. Flowing down from the sky, and dropping on the peoples.

29. And who has knowledge of how the clouds are stretched out, or of the thunders of his tent?

30. See, he is stretching out his mist, covering the tops of the mountains with it.

31. For by these he gives food to the peoples, and bread in full measure.

32. He takes the light in his hands, sending it against the mark.

33. The thunder makes clear his passion, and the storm gives news of his wrath.

1. At this my heart is shaking; it is moved out of its place.

2. Give ear to the rolling noise of his voice; to the hollow sound which goes out of his mouth.

3. He sends it out through all the heaven, and his thunder-flame to the ends of the earth.

4. After it a voice is sounding, thundering out the word of his power; he does not keep back his thunder-flames; from his mouth his voice is sounding.

5. He does wonders, more than may be searched out; great things of which we have no knowledge;

6. For he says to the snow, Make the earth wet; and to the rain-storm, Come down.

7. He puts an end to the work of every man, so that all may see his work.

8. Then the beasts go into their holes, and take their rest.

9. Out of its place comes the storm-wind, and the cold out of its store-houses.

10. By the breath of God ice is made, and the wide waters are shut in.

11. The thick cloud is weighted with thunder-flame, and the cloud sends out its light;

12. And it goes this way and that, round about, turning itself by his guiding, to do whatever he gives orders to be done, on the face of his world of men,

13. For a rod, or for a curse, or for mercy, causing it to come on the mark.

14. Give ear to this, O Job, and keep quiet in your place; and take note of the wonders worked by God.

15. Have you knowledge of God's ordering of his works, how he makes the light of his cloud to be seen?

16. Have you knowledge of the balancings of the clouds, the wonders of him who has all wisdom?

17. You, whose clothing is warm, when the earth is quiet because of the south wind,

18. Will you, with him, make the skies smooth, and strong as a polished looking-glass?

19. Make clear to me what we are to say to him; we are unable to put our cause before him, because of the dark.

20. How may he have knowledge of my desire for talk with him? or did any man ever say, May destruction come on me?

21. And now the light is not seen, for it is dark because of the clouds; but a wind comes, clearing them away.

22. A bright light comes out of the north; God's glory is greatly to be feared.

23. There is no searching out of the Ruler of all: his strength and his judging are great; he is full of righteousness, doing no wrong.

24. For this cause men go in fear of him; he has no respect for any who are wise in heart.

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