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Bíblia BBE

Salmos 89

1 Maschil. Of Ethan the Ezrahite.

2 89:1My song will be of the mercies of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I make his faith clear to all generations.

3 89:2For you have said, Mercy will be made strong for ever; my faith will be unchanging in the heavens.

4 89:3I have made an agreement with the man of my selection, I have made an oath to David my servant;

5 89:4I will make your seed go on for ever, your kingdom will be strong through all generations. (Selah.)

6 89:5In heaven let them give praise for your wonders, O Lord; and your unchanging faith among the saints.

7 89:6For who is there in the heavens in comparison with the Lord? who is like the Lord among the sons of the gods?

8 89:7God is greatly to be feared among the saints, and to be honoured over all those who are about him.

9 89:8O Lord God of armies, who is strong like you, O Jah? and your unchanging faith is round about you.

10 89:9You have rule over the sea in storm; when its waves are troubled, you make them calm.

11 89:10Rahab was crushed by you like one wounded to death; with your strong arm you put to flight all your haters.

12 89:11Yours are the heavens, and the earth is yours; you have made the world, and everything which is in it.

13 89:12You have made the north and the south; Tabor and Hermon are sounding with joy at your name.

14 89:13Yours is an arm of power; strong is your hand and high your right hand.

15 89:14The seat of your kingdom is resting on righteousness and right judging: mercy and good faith come before your face.

16 89:15Happy are the people who have knowledge of the holy cry: the light of your face, O Lord, will be shining on their way.

17 89:16In your name will they have joy all the day: in your righteousness will they be lifted up.

18 89:17For you are the glory of their strength; in your pleasure will our horn be lifted up.

19 89:18For our breastplate is the Lord; and our king is the Holy One of Israel's.

20 89:19Then your voice came to your holy one in a vision, saying, I have put the crown on a strong one, lifting up one taken from among the people.

21 89:20I have made discovery of David my servant; I have put my holy oil on his head.

22 89:21My hand will be his support; my arm will give him strength.

23 89:22The deceit of those who are against him will not overcome him; he will not be troubled by the sons of evil.

24 89:23I will have those who are against him broken before his face, and his haters will be crushed under my blows.

25 89:24But my faith and my mercy will be with him; and in my name will his horn be lifted up.

26 89:25I will put his hand in the sea, and his right hand in the rivers.

27 89:26He will say to me, You are my father, my God, and the Rock of my salvation.

28 89:27And I will make him the first of my sons, most high over the kings of the earth.

29 89:28I will keep my mercy for him for ever; my agreement with him will not be changed.

30 89:29His seed will keep their place for ever; his kingdom will be eternal, like the heavens.

31 89:30If his children give up my law, and are not ruled by my decisions;

32 89:31If my rules are broken, and my orders are not kept;

33 89:32Then I will send punishment on them for their sin; my rod will be the reward of their evil-doing.

34 89:33But I will not take away my mercy from him, and will not be false to my faith.

35 89:34I will be true to my agreement; the things which have gone out of my lips will not be changed.

36 89:35I have made an oath once by my holy name, that I will not be false to David.

37 89:36His seed will not come to an end for ever; the seat of his kingdom will be like the sun before me.

38 89:37It will be fixed for ever like the moon; and the witness in heaven is true. (Selah.)

39 89:38But you have put him away in disgust; you have been angry with the king of your selection.

40 89:39You have made your agreement with your servant of no effect: you have had no respect for his crown, it has come down even to the earth.

41 89:40All his walls are broken down; you have given his strong towers to destruction.

42 89:41All those who come by take away his goods; he is laughed at by his neighbours.

43 89:42You have given power to the right hand of his haters; you have made glad all those who are against him.

44 89:43His sword is turned back; you have not been his support in the fight.

45 89:44You have put an end to his glory: the seat of his kingdom has been levelled to the earth.

46 89:45You have made him old before his time; he is covered with shame. (Selah.)

47 89:46How long, O Lord, will you Keep yourself for ever from our eyes? how long will your wrath be burning like fire?

48 89:47See how short my time is; why have you made all men for no purpose?

49 89:48What man now living will not see death? will he be able to keep back his soul from the underworld? (Selah.)

50 89:49Lord, where are your earlier mercies? where is the oath which you made to David in unchanging faith?

51 89:50Keep in mind, O Lord, the shame of your servants, and how the bitter words of all the people have come into my heart;

52 89:51The bitter words of your haters, O Lord, shaming the footsteps of your king.

53 89:52Let the Lord be praised for ever. So be it, So be it.

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