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Salmos 113

1 Praise ye the LORD.By this often repetition he stirs up our cold dullness to praise God, seeing his works are so wonderful, and that we are created for the same cause.Praise, O ye servants of the LORD, praise the name of the LORD.

2 Blessed be the Name of the Lorde from hencefoorth and for euer.

3 The Lordes Name is praysed from the rising of ye sunne, vnto ye going downe of the same.

4 The LORD [is] high above allIf God's glory shines through all the world, and therefore of all ought to be praised, what great condemnation were it to his people, among whom chiefly it shines, if they should not earnestly extol his Name?nations, [and] his glory above the heavens.

5 Who is like vnto the Lord our God, that hath his dwelling on high!

6 Who abaseth himselfe to beholde things in the heauen and in the earth!

7 He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, [and] lifteth theBy preferring the poor to high honour and giving the barren children, he shows that God works not only in his Church by ordinary means, but also by miracles.needy out of the dunghill;

8 That he may set him with the princes, euen with the princes of his people.

9 He maketh the barren woman to dwell with a familie, and a ioyfull mother of children. Prayse ye the Lord.

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