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Jó 11

1 Then answered Zophar the Na’amathite, and said.

2 Shall a multitude of words not be answered? and is it so that a man full of talk shall be deemed in the right?

3 Thy inventions are to bring men to silence; and when thou utterest thy mocking no one is to cause thee to feel abashed!

4 For thou hast said to God, My doctrine is pure, and I am become clean in thy eyes.

5 But oh that God would but speak, and open his lips against thee;

6 And that he would declare unto thee the secrets of wisdom; for it is double to that which is really in our possession: and thou wouldst experience that God overlooketh unto thee much of thy iniquity.

7 Canst thou find out the experience of God? or canst thou find the way unto the utmost limit of the Almighty?

8 It is as high as heaven; what canst thou effect? it is deeper than the nether world; what canst thou know?

9 Longer than the earth is its measure, and broader than the sea.

10 If he pass by, and surrender one to suffering, and call together an assembly, who can hinder him?

11 For he knoweth the men of vanity: he seeth the wrong–doer and him who considereth not;

12 And the heartless who acquireth intelligence, and him who is like the colt of the wild ass who is transformed into a man.

13 If thou truly direct aright thy heart, and spread out thy hands toward him: ––

14 If wrong be in thy hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tents.

15 For then canst thou lift up thy face free from blemish: yea, thou wilt stand steadfast, and needest not to fear;

16 Because thou wilt truly forget thy trouble, and as a waterflood that is passed away wilt thou remember it;

17 And brighter than the noon of day will thy earthly existence arise; and thy obscurity will be like thy morning.

18 And thou wilt feel trust, because there is hope: yea, thou wilt search about carefully, and thou wilt lie down in safety.

19 Also thou wilt stretch thyself out to rest, with none to make thee afraid; and many will entreat thy favor.

20 But the eyes of the wicked shall fail, and the means of escape will vanish from them, and their sole hope shall be the breathing out of their soul.

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