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Bíblia NSB

Deuteronômio 8

1 »Be careful to do all the commandments I commanded you today! You will then live and multiply and go in and possess the land Jehovah promised to give to your forefathers.

2 »Remember the forty years Jehovah your God led you in the wilderness. He did this in order to humble you and test you. He wanted to know what was in your heart. Whether you would obey his commandments.

3 »He humbled you allowed you to suffer with hunger and then fed you with manna. Neither you nor your fathers had seen this before. He did this to teach you that a person cannot live on bread alone but must live on all everythingevery word that proceeds from the mouth of Jehovah.

4 »Your clothes did not wear out! And your feet did not swell these past forty years.

5 Learn this lesson by heart: Jehovah your God disciplined you like parents discipline their children.

6 »Obey the commandments of Jehovah your God. Walk in his ways and respect him.

7 »Jehovah your God will lead you into a good land. It is a land with rivers that do not dry up. Springs and underground streams flow through the valleys and the hills.

8 »The land has wheat and barley, grapevines, fig trees, and pomegranates. The land has honey and olive trees for olive oil.

9 »The land will have enough food for you, and you will have everything you need. The land has rocks with iron ore. You will be able to mine copper ore in the mountains.

10 »When you have eaten all you want, thank Jehovah your God for the good land he has given you.

11 »Be careful that you do not forget Jehovah your God. Always obey his judgments and Laws that I give you today.

12 »You will eat all you want. You will build nice houses and live in them.

13 »Your herds and flocks, silver and gold, and all that you have will increase.

14 »When this happens, be careful that you do not become arrogant and forget Jehovah your God. He brought you out of slavery in Egypt.

15 »He was the one who led you through that vast and dangerous wilderness. It was a parched, arid land, with poisonous snakes and scorpions. He was the one who made water come out of solid rock for you.

16 »He fed you in the desert with manna. Your fathers had never seen this. He did this in order to humble you and test you. But he also did this so that things would go well for you in the end.

17 »When you succeed do not brag: ‘I am rich. I earned it all myself.’«

18 »Remember that Jehovah your God gives you the strength to make a living. That is how he keeps the promise he made to your fathers.

19 »I warn you: ‘If you forget Jehovah your God and worship other gods, you will perish.’«

20 »Jehovah will destroy you, just as he destroyed the nations you fought. This is because you will not listen to him.

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