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Bíblia NSB

Salmos 10

1 Why are you so distant, Jehovah? Why do you hide in times of trouble?

2 The wicked proudly persecutes the poor people. He will be caught in the schemes that he contrived.

3 The wicked person boasts about his selfish desires. He blesses the covetous, which Jehovah abhors.

4 In his arrogant attitude he does not search for God. His faulty reasoning concludes: »There is no God.«

5 He always succeeds at what he does. Your judgments are beyond his understanding. He scoffs at all his opponents.

6 He says to himself: »Nothing can shake me. I will never face trouble.«

7 His mouth is full of curses, deception, and oppression. Trouble and wrongdoing are on the tip of his tongue.

8 He waits in ambush in the villages. From his hiding places he kills innocent people. He searches for victims.

9 He lurks in his hiding place like a lion in his den. He hides there to catch oppressed people. He catches oppressed people after he draws them into his net.

10 His victims are crushed. They collapse, and they fall into the power of the wicked.

11 He says in his heart to himself: »God has forgotten. He has hidden his face. He will never see it!«

12 Arise, O Jehovah! Lift your hand, O God. Do not forget oppressed people!

13 Why does the wicked person despise God? Why does he say in his heart: »God does not require it?«

14 You have seen trouble and grief and placed them under your control. The victim entrusts himself to you. You alone have been the helper of orphans.

15 Break the arm of the wicked and evil person. Pursue his wickedness until you find no more evil.

16 Jehovah is king forever and ever. The nations have vanished from his land.

17 You have heard the desire of humble people, O Jehovah. You encourage them. You incline your ear pay close attention to them.

18 You provide justice for orphans and oppressed people so that no man will terrify them again.

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