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Bíblia NSB

Salmos 14

Psalm of David

1 The fool says in his heart: »There is no God Jehovah (Psalm 10:4).« They are corrupt. They do disgusting things. No one does good things.

2 Jehovah looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there is anyone who acts wisely, if there is anyone who seeks help from God.

3 Everyone has turned away. Together they have become rotten to the core. No one, not even one person, does good things.

4 Are all the workers of wickedness, those who devour my people as if they were devouring food, so ignorant that they do not call on Jehovah?

5 They were in great fear and panic because God is with the righteous person.

6 They put the advice of oppressed people to shame because Jehovah is their protection.

7 If only salvation for Israel would come from Zion! When Jehovah restores his captive people, Jacob will rejoice. Israel will be glad.

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