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Bíblia ROTH

Salmos 129

1 Many a time, have they harassed me from my youth, well may Israel say:

2 Many a time, have they harassed me from youth, yet have they not prevailed against me.

3 Upon my back, have ploughmen ploughed, They have lengthened their furrow!

4 Yahweh, is righteous, He hath cut asunder the cords of the lawless.

5 Let all who hate Zion, be ashamed and shrink back:

6 Let them become like the grass of housetops, which, before it is pulled up, hath withered;

7 Wherewith no reaper, hath filled his hand, nor binder, his bosom:

8 Neither have the passers-by ever said, The blessing of Yahweh, be unto you,We have blessed you in the Name of Yahweh.

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