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2 Samuel 6

1 Forsothe Dauid gaderide eft alle the chosun men of Israel, thritti thousynde.

2 And Dauid roos, and yede, and al the puple that was with hym of the men of Juda, to brynge the arke of God, on which the name of the Lord of oostis, sittynge in cherubyn on that arke, was clepid.

3 And thei puttiden the arke of God on a newe wayn, and thei token it fro the hows of Amynadab, that was in Gabaa. Forsothe Oza and Haio, the sons of Amynadab, dryueden the newe wayn.

3 of Geth thre monethis; and the Lord blessid Obethedom, and al his hows.

4 And whanne thei hadden take it fro the hows of Amynadab, that was in Gabaa, and kepte the arke of God, Haio yede bifor the arke.

5 Forsothe Dauid and al Israel pleieden byfor the Lord, in alle `trees maad craftili, and harpis, and sitols, and tympans, and trumpis, and cymbalis.

6 Forsothe after that thei camen to the corn floor of Nachor, Oza helde forth the hond to the arke of God, and helde it, for the oxun kikiden, and bowiden it.

7 And the Lord was wrooth bi indignacioun ayens Oza, and smoot hym on `the foli; and he was deed there bisidis the arke of God.

8 Forsothe Dauid was sori, for the Lord hadde smyte Oza; and the name of that place was clepid the Smytyng of Oza `til in to this dai.

9 And Dauid dredde the Lord in that dai, and seide, Hou schal the arke of the Lord entre to me?

10 And he nolde turne the arke of the Lord to hym silf in to the citee of Dauid, but he turnede it in to the hows of Obethedom of Geth.

11 And the arke of the Lord dwellide in the hows of Obethedom

12 And it was teld to kyng Dauid, that the Lord hadde blessid Obethedom, and alle `thingis of hym, for the arke of God. And Dauid seide, Y schal go, and brynge the arke with blessyng in to myn hows. Therfor Dauid yede, and brouyte the arke of God fro the hows of Obethedom in to the citee of Dauid with ioye; and ther weren with Dauid seuen cumpanyes, and the slain sacrifice of a calff.

13 And whanne thei, that baren the arke of the Lord, hadden stied six paaces, thei offriden an oxe and a ram. And Dauid smoot in organs boundun to the arm;

14 and daunside with alle strengthis bifor the Lord; sotheli Dauid was clothid with a lynnun surplis.

15 And Dauid, and al the hows of Israel, ledden forth the arke of testament of the Lord in hertli song, and in sown of trumpe.

16 And whanne the arke of the Lord hadde entride in to the citee of Dauid, Mychol, the douytir of Saul, bihelde bi a wyndow, and sche siy the kyng skippynge and daunsynge bifor the Lord; and sche dispiside hym in hir herte.

17 And thei brouyten in the arke of the Lord, and settiden it in his place, in the myddis of tabernacle, which tabernacle Dauid hadde maad `redy therto; and Dauid offride brent sacrifices and pesible bifor the Lord.

18 And whanne Dauid hadde endid tho, and hadde offrid brent sacrifices and pesible, he blesside the puple in the name of the Lord of oostis.

19 And he yaf to al the multitude of Israel, as wel to man as to womman, to ech `o thinne loof, and o part rostid of bugle fleisch, and flour of wheete fried with oile; and al the puple yede, ech man in to his hows.

20 And Dauid turnede ayen to blesse his hows, and Mychol, the douytir of Saul, yede out in to the comyng of Dauid, and seide, Hou glorious was the kyng of Israel to day vnhilynge hym silf bifor the handmaidis of hise seruauntis, and he was maad nakid, as if oon of the harlotis be maad nakid?

21 And Dauid seide to Mychol, The Lord lyueth, for Y schal pley bifor the Lord, that chees me rathere than thi fadir, and than al the hows of hym, and comaundide to me, that Y schulde be duyk on the puple `of the Lord of Israel;

22 and Y schal pleie, and Y schal be maad `vilere more than Y am maad, and Y schal be meke in myn iyen, and Y schal appere gloriousere with the handmaydys, of whiche thou spakist.

23 Therfor a sone was not borun to Mychol, the douytir of Saul, til in to the dai of hir deeth.

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