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2 Samuel 9

1 And Dauid seide, Whether ony man is, that lefte of the hows of Saul, that Y do mercy with hym for Jonathas?

2 Forsothe a seruaunt, Siba bi name, was of the hous of Saul; whom whanne the kyng hadde clepid to hym silf, `the kyng seide to hym, Whethir thou art not Siba? And he answeride, Y am thi seruaunt.

3 And the kyng seide, Whether ony man lyueth of the hows of Saul, that Y do with hym the mercy of God? And Siba seide to the kyng, A sone of Jonathas lyueth, feble in the feet.

4 The kyng seide, Where is he? And Siba seide to the kyng, Lo! he is in the hows of Machir, sone of Amyel, in Lodabar.

5 Therfor `Dauid the kyng sente, and took hym fro the hows of Machir, sone of Amyel, fro Lodobar.

6 Forsothe whanne Myphibosech, the sone of Jonathas, sone of Saul, hadde come to Dauid, he felde in to his face, and worschipide. And Dauid seide, Myphibosech! Which answeride, Y am present, thi seruaunt.

7 And Dauid seide to hym, Drede thou not, for Y doynge schal do mersi to thee for Jonathas, thi fadir; and Y schal restore to thee alle the feeldis of Saul, thi fadir, and thou schalt ete breed in my boord euere.

8 Which worschipide him, and seide, Who am Y, thi seruaunt, for thou hast biholde on a deed dogge lijk me?

9 Therfor the kyng clepide Siba, the child of Saul; and seide to hym, Y haue youe to the sone of thi lord alle thingis, which euer weren of Saul, and al the hows of hym;

10 therfor worche thou the lond to hym, thou, and thi sones, and thi seruauntis, and thou schalt brynge in meetis to the sone of thi lord, that he be fed; forsothe Myphibosech, sone of thi lord, schal ete euer breed on my bord. Sotheli fiftene sones and twenti seruauntis weren to Siba.

11 And Siba seyde to the kyng, As thou, my lord kyng, hast comaundid to thi seruaunt, so thi seruaunt schal do; and Myphibosech, as oon of the sones of the kyng, schal ete on thi boord.

12 Forsothe Myphibosech hadde a litil sone, Mycha bi name; sotheli al the meyne of the hows of Siba seruyde Myphibosech.

13 Forsothe Myphibosech dwellide in Jerusalem; for he eet contynueli of the kingis boord, and was crokid on either foot.

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