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Gálatas 6

1 Britheren, if a man be occupied in ony gilt, ye that ben spiritual, enforme ye such oon in spirit of softnesse, biholdinge thi silf, lest that thou be temptid.

2 Ech bere othere chargis, and so ye schulen fulfille the lawe of Crist.

3 For who that trowith that he be ouyt, whanne he is nouyt, he bigilith him silf.

4 But ech man preue his owne werk, and so he schal haue glorie in him silf, and not in an othere.

5 For ech man schal bere his owne charge.

6 He that is tauyt bi word, comune he with him that techith hym, in `alle goodis.

7 Nyle ye erre, God is not scorned;

8 for tho thingis that a man sowith, tho thingis he schal repe. For he that sowith in his fleisch, of the fleisch he schal repe corrupcioun; but he that sowith in the spirit, of the spirit he schal repe euerelastynge lijf.

9 And doynge good faile we not; for in his tyme we schal repe, not failinge.

10 Therfor while we han tyme, worche we good to alle men; but most to hem that ben homliche of the feith.

11 Se ye, what maner lettris Y haue write to you with myn owne hoond.

12 For who euere wole plese in the fleisch, `this constreyneth you to be circumcidid, oonli that thei suffren not the persecucioun of Cristis crosse.

13 For nether thei that ben circumcidid kepen the lawe; but thei wolen that ye be circumcidid, that thei haue glorie in youre fleisch.

14 But fer be it fro me to haue glorie, no but in the crosse of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, bi whom the world is crucified to me, and Y to the world.

15 For in Jhesu Crist nether circumcisioun is ony thing worth, ne prepucie, but a newe creature.

16 And who euere suwen this reule, pees on hem, and merci, and on Israel of God.

17 And heraftir no man be heuy to me; for Y bere in my bodi the tokenes of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

18 The grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with youre spirit, britheren. Amen.

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