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Hebreus 3

1 Therfor, hooli britheren, and parceneris of heuenli cleping, biholde ye the apostle and the bischop of oure confessioun, Jhesu,

2 which is trewe to hym that made hym, as also Moises in al the hous of hym.

3 But this byschop is had worthi of more glorie than Moises, bi as myche as he hath more honour of the hous, that made the hous.

4 For ech hous is maad of sum man; he that made alle thingis of nouyt is God.

5 And Moises was trewe in al his hous, as a seruaunt, in to witnessyng of tho thingis that weren to be seid;

6 but Crist as a sone in his hous. Which hous we ben, if we holden sad trist and glorie of hope in to the ende.

7 Wherfor as the Hooli Goost seith, To dai, if ye han herd his vois, nyle ye hardne youre hertis,

8 as in wraththing, lijk the dai of temptacioun in desert;

9 where youre fadris temptiden me, and preueden, and siyen my werkis fourti yeeris.

10 Wherfor Y was wrooth to this generacioun, and Y seide, Euere more thei erren in herte, for thei knewen not my weies;

11 to whiche Y swore in my wraththe, thei schulen not entre in to my reste.

12 Britheren, se ye, lest perauenture in ony of you be an yuel herte of vnbileue, to departe fro the lyuynge God.

13 But moneste you silf bi alle daies, the while to dai is named, that noon of you be hardned bi fallas of synne.

14 For we ben maad parceneris of Crist, if netheles we holden the bigynnyng of his substaunce sad in to the ende.

15 While it is seid, to dai, if ye han herd the vois of hym, nyle ye hardne youre hertis, as in that wraththing.

16 For summen heringe wraththiden, but not alle thei that wenten out of Egipt bi Moises.

17 But to whiche was he wraththid fourti yeeris? Whether not to hem that synneden, whos careyns weren cast doun in desert?

18 And to whiche swoor he, that thei schulden not entre in to the reste of hym, not but to hem that weren vnbileueful?

19 And we seen, that thei myyten not entre in to the reste of hym for vnbileue.

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