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Isaías 23

1 The birthun of Tire. Ye schippis of the see, yelle, for the hous is distried, fro whennus coumfort was wont to come; fro the lond of Cethym, and was schewid to hem.

2 Be ye stille, that dwellen in the ile, the marchaundie of Sidon; men passynge the see filliden thee in many watris;

3 the seed of Nylus is heruest, the flood is the corn therof, and it is maad the marchaundie of hethene men.

4 Thou, Sidon, be aschamed, seide the see, the strengthe of the see, and seide, Y trauelide not of child, and Y childide not, and Y nurschide not yonge men, and Y brouyte not fulli virgyns to encreessyng.

5 Whanne it schal be herd in Egipt, thei schulen make sorewe, whanne thei heren of Tire.

6 Passe ye the sees; yelle ye, that dwellen in the ile.

7 Whether this citee is not youre, that hadde glorie fro elde daies in his eldnesse? the feet therof schulen lede it fer, to go in pilgrymage.

8 Who thouyte this thing on Tire sum tyme crownede, whos marchauntis weren princes, the selleris of marchaundie therof weren noble men of erthe?

9 The Lord of oostis thouyte this thing, that he schulde drawe doun the pride of al glorie, and that he schulde bringe to schenschipe alle the noble men of erthe.

10 Thou douyter of the see, passe thi lond as a flood; a girdil is no more to thee.

11 It stretchide forth his hond aboue the see, and disturblide rewmes. The Lord sente ayenes Canaan, for to al to-breke the stronge men therof;

12 and he seide, Thou maide, the douyter of Sidon, that suffrist caleng, schalt no more adde, that thou haue glorie. Rise thou, and passe ouer the see in to Sechym; there also no reste schal be to thee.

13 Lo! the lond of Caldeis, sich a puple was not; Assur foundide that Tyre; thei ledden ouer in to caitifte the strong men therof; thei myneden the housis therof, thei settiden it in to fallyng.

14 Yelle, ye schippis of the see, for youre strengthe is distried.

15 And it schal be, in that dai, thou Tire, schalt be in foryetyng bi seuenti yeer, as the daies of o king; but aftir seuenti yeer, as the song of an hoore schal be to Tyre.

16 Thou hoore, youun to foryetyng, take an harpe, cumpasse the citee; synge thou wel, vse thou ofte a song, that mynde be of thee.

17 And it schal be, aftir seuenti yeer, the Lord schal visite Tire, and schal brynge it ayen to hise hiris; and eft it schal be, whanne it schal do fornycacioun with alle rewmes of erthe, on the face of erthe.

18 And the marchaundies therof and the meedis therof schulen be halewid to the Lord; tho schulen not be hid, nethir schulen be leid vp; for whi the marchaundie therof schal be to hem that dwellen bifore the Lord, that thei ete to fulnesse, and be clothid `til to eldnesse.

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