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Isaías 25

1 Lord, thou art my God, Y schal enhaunse thee, and Y schal knouleche to thi name; for thou hast do marueils, thin elde feithful thouytis.

2 Amen. For thou hast set the citee in to a biriel, a strong citee in to fallyng, the hous of aliens, that it be not a citee, and be not bildid with outen ende.

3 For this thyng a strong puple schal herie thee, the citee of strong folkis schal drede thee.

4 For thou art maad strengthe to a pore man, strengthe to a nedi man in his tribulacioun, hope fro whirlwynd, a schadewyng place fro heete; for whi the spirit of stronge men is as a whirlewynd hurlynge the wal.

5 As bi heete in thirst, thou schalt make meke the noise of aliens; and as bi heete vndur a cloude brennynge, thou schalt make the siouns of stronge men to fade.

6 And the Lord of oostis schal make in this hil to alle puplis the feeste of fatte thingis, the feeste of vyndage of fatte thingis ful of merow, of vyndage wel fyned.

7 And he schal caste doun in this hil the face of boond, boundun togidere on alle puplis, and the web which he weuyde on alle naciouns.

8 And he schal caste doun deth with outen ende, and the Lord God schal do awey ech teer fro ech face; and he schal do awei the schenschipe of his puple fro ech lond; for the Lord spak.

9 And thei schulen seie in that dai, Lo! this is oure God; we abididen hym, and he schal saue vs; this is the Lord; we suffriden him, and we schulen make ful out ioie, and schulen be glad in his helthe.

10 For whi the hond of the Lord schal reste in this hil, and Moab schal be threischid vndur hym, as chaffis ben stampid in a wayn.

11 And he schal stretche forth hise hondis vndur hym, as a swymmere stretchith forth to swymme; and he schal make low the glorye of him with hurtlyng doun of hise hondis.

12 And the strengthingis of thin hiy wallis schulen falle doun, and schulen be maad low, and schulen be drawun doun to the erthe, `til to the dust.

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