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Isaías 39

1 In that tyme Marodach Baladan, the sone of Baladam, the kyng of Babiloyne, sente bookis and yiftis to Ezechie; for he hadde herd, that Ezechie hadde be sijk, and was rekyuerid.

2 Forsothe Ezechie was glad on hem, and schewide to hem the selle of swete smellynge spices, and of siluer, and of gold, and of smellynge thingis, and of best oynement, and alle the schoppis of his purtenaunce of houshold, and alle thingis that weren foundun in hise tresours; no word was, which Ezechie schewide not to hem in his hous, and in al his power.

3 Sotheli Ysaie, the prophete, entride to kyng Ezechie, and seide to hym, What seiden thes men, and fro whennus camen thei to thee? And Ezechie seide, Fro a fer lond thei camen to me, fro Babiloyne.

4 And Ysaie seide, What siyen thei in thin hous? And Ezechie seide, Thei sien alle thingis that ben in myn hous; no thing was in my tresours, which Y schewide not to hem.

5 And Ysaie seide to Ezechie, Here thou the word of the Lord of oostis.

6 Lo! daies schulen come, and alle thingis that ben in thin hous, and whiche thingis thi fadris tresoriden til to this dai, schulen be takun awei in to Babiloyne; not ony thing schal be left, seith the Lord.

7 And thei schulen take of thi sones, that schulen go out of thee, whiche thou schalt gendre; and thei schulen be onest seruauntis and chast in the paleis of the kyng of Babiloyne.

8 And Ezechie seide to Ysaie, The word of the Lord is good, which he spak. And Ezechie seide, Pees and treuthe be maad oneli in my daies.

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