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Isaías 6

1 In the yeer in which the kyng Osie was deed, Y siy the Lord sittynge on an hiy seete, and reisid; and the hous was ful of his mageste, and tho thingis that weren vndur hym, filliden the temple.

2 Serafyn stoden on it, sixe wyngis weren to oon, and sixe wyngis to the tothir; with twei wyngis thei hiliden the face of hym, and with twei wyngis thei hiliden the feet of hym, and with twei wyngis thei flowen.

3 And thei crieden `the toon to the tother, and seiden, Hooli, hooli, hooli is the Lord God of oostis; al erthe is ful of his glorie.

4 And the lyntels aboue of the herris were moued togidere of the vois of the criere, and the hous was fillid with smoke.

5 And Y seide, Wo to me, for Y was stille; for Y am a man defoulid in lippis, and Y dwelle in the myddis of the puple hauynge defoulid lippis, and Y siy with myn iyen the kyng Lord of oostis.

6 And oon of serafyn flei to me, and a brennynge cole was in his hond, which cole he hadde take with a tonge fro the auter.

7 And he touchide my mouth, and seide, Lo! Y haue touchid thi lippis with this cole, and thi wickidnesse schal be don awei, and thi synne schal be clensid.

8 And Y herde the vois of the Lord, seiynge, Whom schal Y sende, and who schal go to you? And Y seide, Lo! Y; sende thou me.

9 And he seide, Go thou, and thou schalt seie to this puple, Ye herynge here, and nyle ye vndurstonde; and se ye the profesie, and nyle ye knowe.

10 Make thou blynde the herte of this puple, and aggrege thou the eeris therof, and close thou the iyen therof; lest perauenture it se with hise iyen, and here with hise eeris, and vndurstonde with his herte, and it be conuertid, and Y make it hool.

11 And Y seide, Lord, hou long? And he seide, Til citees ben maad desolat with out dwellere, and housis with out man. And the lond schal be left desert,

12 and the Lord schal make men fer. And that that was forsakun in the myddil of erthe, schal be multiplied, and yit tithing schal be ther ynne;

13 and it schal be conuertid, and it schal be in to schewyng, as a terebynte is, and as an ook, that spredith abrood hise boowis; that schal be hooli seed, that schal stonde ther ynne.

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