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Jeremias 47

1 The word of the Lord, that was maad to Jeremye, the profete, ayens Palestyns, bifor that Farao smoot Gaza.

2 The Lord seith these thingis, Lo! watris schulen stie fro the north, and tho schulen be as a stronde flowynge, and tho schulen hile the lond, and the fulnesse therof, the citee, and the dwelleris therof. Men schulen crie, and alle the dwelleris of the lond schulen yelle,

3 for the noise of boost of armed men, and of werriours of hym, and for mouyng of hise cartis, and multitude of hise wheelis. Fadris bihelden not sones with clumsid hondis,

4 for the comyng of the dai in which alle Filisteis schulen be destried; and Tirus schal be destried, and Sidon with alle her othere helpis. For the Lord hath destried Palestyns, the remenauntis of the ile of Capadocie.

5 Ballidnesse cam on Gaza; Ascolon was stille, and the remenauntis of the valei of tho.

6 Hou longe schalt thou falle doun, O! swerd of the Lord, hou long schalt thou not reste? Entre thou in to thi schethe, be thou refreischid, and be stille.

7 Hou schal it reste, whanne the Lord comaundide to it ayens Ascalon, and ayens the see coostis therof, and there hath seide to it?

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