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Oséias 11

1 As the morewtid passith, the king of Israel schal passe forth. For Israel was a child, and Y louyde hym; and fro Egipt Y clepide my sone.

2 Thei clepiden hem, so thei yeden awei fro the face of hem. Thei offriden to Baalym, and maden sacrifice to symylacris.

3 And Y as a nursche of Effraym bare hem in myn armes, and thei wisten not, that Y kepte hem.

4 Y schal drawe hem in the ropis of Adam, in the boondis of charite. And Y schal be to hem as he that enhaunsith the yok on the chekis of hem; and Y bowide doun to hym, that he schulde ete.

5 He schal not turne ayen in to the lond of Egipt. And Assur, he schal be kyng of hym, for thei nolden turne.

6 A swerd bigan in the citees therof, and it schal waaste the chosun men therof, and schal eete the heedis of hem.

7 And my puple schal hange, at my comynge ayen. But a yok schal be put to hem togidere, that schal not be takun awei.

8 Hou schal Y yyue thee, Effraym? schal Y defende thee, Israel? hou schal Y yyue thee? As Adama Y schal sette thee; as Seboym. Myn herte is turned in me; my repentaunce is disturblid togidere.

9 Y schal not do the strong veniaunce of my wraththe. Y schal not turne, to leese Effraym; for Y am God, and not man. Y am hooli in the myddis of thee, and Y schal not entre in to a citee.

10 Thei schulen go after the Lord. He shal rore as a lioun, for he shal rore, and the sones of the see schulen drede.

11 And thei schulen fle awei as a brid fro Egipt, and as a culuer fro the lond of Assiriens. And Y schal sette hem in her housis, seith the Lord.

12 Effraym cumpasside me in denying, the hous of Israel in gile. But Judas a witnesse yede doun with God, and with feithful seyntis.

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