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Oséias 12

1 Effraym fedith wynd, and sueth heete. Al dai he multiplieth leesyng, and distriyng; and he made boond of pees with Assiriens, and bar oile in to Egipt.

2 Therfor the doom of the Lord is with Juda, and visityng is on Jacob; bi the weies of hym, and bi the fyndyngis of hym he schal yelde to hym.

3 In the wombe he supplauntide his brother, and in his strengthe he was dressid with the aungel.

4 And he was strong to the aungel, and was coumfortid; he wepte, and preiede hym; in Bethel he foond hym, and there he spak with vs.

5 And the Lord God of oostis, the Lord, is the memorial of hym.

6 And thou schalt turne to thi God. Kepe thou merci and doom, and hope thou euere in thi God.

7 Chanaan louyde fals caleng, a gileful balaunce in his hond.

8 And Effraym seide, Netheles Y am maad riche, Y haue founde an idol to me; alle my trauelis schulen not fynde to me the wickidnesse, whiche Y synnede.

9 And Y am thi Lord God fro the lond of Egipt; yit Y schal make thee to sitte in tabernaclis, as in the daies of feeste.

10 And Y spak bi profetis, and Y multiplied profesie, and Y was licned in the hond of profetis.

11 If Galaad worschipith an idol, therfor thei erren in veyn offryng to oxis in Galgal; for whi and the auteris of hem schulen be as heepis on the forewis of the feeld.

12 Jacob fledde in to the cuntrei of Sirie, and Israel seruyde for a wijf, and seruyde, ether kepte, for a wijf.

13 But bi a profete the Lord ledde Israel out of Egipt, and bi a profete he was kept.

14 Effraym terride me to wrathfulnesse in hise bitternessis, and the blood of hym schal come on hym; and his Lord schal restore to hym the schenschipe of him.

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