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Oséias 14

1 Samarie perische, for it stiride his God to bittirnesse; perische it bi swerd. The litle children of hem be hurtlid doun, and the wymmen with child therof be koruun.

2 Israel, be thou conuertid to thi Lord God, for thou fellist doun in thi wickidnesse.

3 Take ye wordis with you, and be ye conuertid to the Lord; and seie ye to hym, Do thou awei al wickidnesse, and take thou good; and we schulen yelde the caluys of oure lippis.

4 Assur schal not saue vs, we schulen not stie on hors; and we schulen no more seie, Oure goddis ben the werkis of oure hondis; for thou schalt haue merci on that modirles child, which is in thee.

5 Y schal make hool the sorewis of hem; Y schal loue hem wilfuli, for my strong veniaunce is turned awei fro hem.

6 Y schal be as a dew, and Israel schal buriowne as a lilie. And the root therof schal breke out as of the Liban;

7 the braunchis therof schulen go. And the glorye therof schal be as an olyue tree, and the odour therof schal be as of the Liban.

8 Thei schulen be conuertid, and sitte in the schadewe of hym; thei schulen lyue bi wheete, and schulen buriowne as a vyne. The memorial therof schal be as the wyne of Liban.

9 Effraym, what schulen idols do more to me? Y schal here him, and Y schal dresse him as a greene fir tree. Thi fruit is foundun of me.

10 Who is wijs, and schal vndurstonde these thingis? who is vndurstondyng, and schal kunne these thingis? For the weies of the Lord ben riytful, and iust men schulen go in tho; but trespassours schulen falle in tho.

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