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Oséias 3

1 And the Lord seide to me, Yit go thou, and loue a womman loued of a frend, and a womman auoutresse, as the Lord loueth the sones of Israel; and thei biholden to alien goddis, and louen the draffis of grapis.

2 And Y dalf it to me bi fiftene pens, and bi a corus of barli, and bi half a corus of barli.

3 And Y seide to it, Bi many daies thou shalt abide me; thou schalt not do fornycacioun, and thou schalt not be with an hosebonde, but also Y schal abide thee.

4 For bi many daies the sones of Israel schulen sitte with out kyng, with out prince, and with out sacrifice, and with out auter, and with out prestis cloth, and with out terafyn, that is, ymagis.

5 And after these thingis the sones of Israel schulen turne ayen, and schulen seke her Lord God, and Dauid, her king; and thei schulen drede at the Lord, and at the good of him, in the laste of daies.

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