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Salmos 10

1 The title of the tenthe salm. To the victorie of Dauid.

2 I triste in the Lord; hou seien ye to my soule, Passe thou ouere in to an hil, as a sparowe doith?

3 For lo! synneris han bent a bouwe; thei han maad redi her arowis in an arowe caas; `for to schete in derknesse riytful men in herte.

4 For thei han distryed, whom thou hast maad perfit; but what dide the riytful man?

5 The Lord is in his hooli temple; he is Lord, his seete is in heuene. Hise iyen biholden on a pore man; hise iyelidis axen the sones of men.

6 The Lord axith a iust man, and vnfeithful man; but he, that loueth wickidnesse, hatith his soule.

7 He schal reyne snaris on `synful men; fier, brymston, and the spirit of tempestis ben the part of the cuppe of hem.

8 For the Lord is riytful, and louede riytfulnessis; his cheer siy equite, `ethir euennesse.

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