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Salmos 101

1 The title of the `hundrid and o salm. The preier of a pore man, whanne he was angwishid, and schedde out his speche bifore the Lord.

2 Lord, here thou my preier; and my crie come to thee.

3 Turne not awei thi face fro me; in what euere dai Y am troblid, bowe doun thin eere to me. In what euere day Y schal inwardli clepe thee; here thou me swiftli.

4 For my daies han failid as smoke; and my boonus han dried vp as critouns.

5 I am smytun as hei, and myn herte dried vp; for Y haue foryete to eete my breed.

6 Of the vois of my weilyng; my boon cleuede to my fleische.

7 I am maad lijk a pellican of wildirnesse; Y am maad as a niyt crowe in an hous.

8 I wakide; and Y am maad as a solitarie sparowe in the roof.

9 Al dai myn enemyes dispisiden me; and thei that preisiden me sworen ayens me.

10 For Y eet aschis as breed; and Y meddlide my drinke with weping.

11 Fro the face of the ire of thin indignacioun; for thou reisinge me hast hurtlid me doun.

12 Mi daies boweden awei as a schadewe; and Y wexede drie as hei.

13 But, Lord, thou dwellist with outen ende; and thi memorial in generacioun and in to generacioun.

14 Lord, thou risinge vp schalt haue merci on Sion; for the tyme `to haue merci therof cometh, for the tyme cometh.

15 For the stones therof plesiden thi seruauntis; and thei schulen haue merci on the lond therof.

16 And, Lord, hethen men schulen drede thi name; and alle kingis of erthe schulen drede thi glori.

17 For the Lord hath bildid Sion; and he schal be seen in his glorie.

18 He bihelde on the preier of meke men; and he dispiside not the preier of hem.

19 Be these thingis writun in an othere generacioun; and the puple that schal be maad schal preise the Lord.

20 For he bihelde fro his hiye hooli place; the Lord lokide fro heuene in to erthe.

21 For to here the weilingis of feterid men; and for to vnbynde the sones of slayn men.

22 That thei telle in Sion the name of the Lord; and his preising in Jerusalem.

23 In gaderinge togidere puplis in to oon; and kingis, that thei serue the Lord.

24 It answeride to hym in the weie of his vertu; Telle thou to me the fewnesse of my daies.

25 Ayenclepe thou not me in the myddil of my daies; thi yeris ben in generacioun and in to generacioun.

26 Lord, thou foundidist the erthe in the bigynnyng; and heuenes ben the werkis of thin hondis.

27 Tho schulen perische, but thou dwellist perfitli; and alle schulen wexe eelde as a clooth. And thou schalt chaunge hem as an hiling, and tho schulen be chaungid;

28 but thou art the same thi silf, and thi yeeris schulen not faile.

29 The sones of thi seruauntis schulen dwelle; and the seed of hem schal be dressid in to the world.

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