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Salmos 11

1 The title of the eleuenthe salm. To the victorie on the eiyte, the song of Dauid.

2 Lord, make thou me saaf, for the hooli failide; for treuthis ben maad litle fro the sones of men.

3 Thei spaken veyn thingis, ech man to hys neiybore; thei han gileful lippis, thei spaken in herte and herte.

4 The Lord destrie alle gileful lippis; and the greet spekynge tunge.

5 Whiche seiden, We schulen magnyfie oure tunge, our lippis ben of vs; who is oure lord?

6 For the wretchednesse of nedy men, and for the weilyng of pore men; now Y schal ryse vp, seith the Lord. I schal sette inhelt he; Y schal do tristili in hym.

7 The spechis of the Lord ben chast spechis; siluer examynyd bi fier, preued fro erthe, purgid seuen fold.

8 Thou, Lord, schalt kepe vs; and thou `schalt kepe vs fro this generacioun with outen ende.

9 Wickid men goen in cumpas; bi thin hiynesse thou hast multiplied the sones of men.

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