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Salmos 111

1 The `title of the hundrid and enleuenthe salm. Alleluya. Blissid is the man that dredith the Lord; he schal wilne ful myche in hise comaundementis.

2 His seed schal be myyti in erthe; the generacioun of riytful men schal be blessid.

3 Glorie and richessis ben in his hous; and his riytfulnesse dwellith in to the world of world.

4 Liyt is risun vp in derknessis to riytful men; the Lord is merciful in wille, and a merciful doere, and riytful.

5 The man is merye, that doith merci, and leeneth; he disposith hise wordis in dom;

6 for he schal not be moued with outen ende.

7 A iust man schal be in euerlastinge mynde; he schal not drede of an yuel heryng. His herte is redi for to hope in the Lord;

8 his herte is confermed, he schal not be moued, til he dispise hise enemyes.

9 He spredde abrood, he yaf to pore men; his riytwisnesse dwellith in to the world of world; his horn schal be reisid in glorie.

10 A synner schal se, and schal be wrooth; he schal gnaste with hise teeth, and schal faile; the desijr of synneris schal perische.

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