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Salmos 114

1 The titil of the hundrid and fourtenthe salm. Alleluia. I louede `the Lord; for the Lord schal here the vois of my preier.

2 For he bowide doun his eere to me; and Y schal inwardli clepe in my daies.

3 The sorewis of deth cumpassiden me; and the perelis of helle founden me.

4 I foond tribulacioun and sorewe; and Y clepide inwardli the name of the Lord. Thou, Lord, delyuere my soule;

5 the Lord is merciful, and iust; and oure God doith merci.

6 And the Lord kepith litle children; Y was mekid, and he delyuerede me.

7 Mi soule, turne thou in to thi reste; for the Lord hath do wel to thee.

8 For he hath delyuered my soule fro deth; myn iyen fro wepingis, my feet fro fallyng doun.

9 I schal plese the Lord; in the cuntrei of hem that lyuen.

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