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Salmos 131

1 The title of the hundrid and oon and thrittithe salm. The song of greces. Lord, haue thou mynde on Dauid; and of al his myldenesse.

2 As he swoor to the Lord; he made a vowe to God of Jacob.

3 I schal not entre in to the tabernacle of myn hous; Y schal not stie in to the bed of mi restyng.

4 I schal not yyue sleep to myn iyen; and napping to myn iye liddis.

5 And rest to my templis, til Y fynde a place to the Lord; a tabernacle to God of Jacob.

6 Lo! we herden that arke of testament in Effrata, `that is, in Silo; we founden it in the feeldis of the wode.

7 We schulen entre in to the tabernacle of hym; we schulen worschipe in the place, where hise feet stoden.

8 Lord, rise thou in to thi reste; thou and the ark of thin halewing.

9 Thi prestis be clothid with riytfulnesse; and thi seyntis make ful out ioye.

10 For Dauid, thi seruaunt; turne thou not awei the face of thi crist.

11 The Lord swoor treuthe to Dauid, and he schal not make hym veyn; of the fruyt of thi wombe Y schal sette on thi seete.

12 If thi sones schulen kepe my testament; and my witnessingis, these whiche Y schal teche hem. And the sones of hem til in to the world; thei schulen sette on thi seete.

13 For the Lord chees Sion; he chees it in to dwelling to hym silf.

14 This is my reste in to the world of world; Y schal dwelle here, for Y chees it.

15 I blessynge schal blesse the widewe of it; Y schal fille with looues the pore men of it.

16 I schal clothe with heelthe the preestis therof; and the hooli men therof schulen make ful out ioye in ful reioisinge.

17 Thidir Y schal bringe forth the horn of Dauid; Y made redi a lanterne to my crist.

18 I schal clothe hise enemyes with schame; but myn halewing schal floure out on hym.

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