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Salmos 134

1 The title of the hundrid and foure and thrittithe salm. Alleluya. Herie ye the name of the Lord; ye seruauntis of the Lord, herie ye.

2 Ye that stonden in the hous of the Lord; in the hallis of `the hous of oure God.

3 Herie ye the Lord, for the Lord is good; singe ye to his name, for it is swete.

4 For the Lord chees Jacob to him silf; Israel in to possessioun to him silf.

5 For Y haue knowe, that the Lord is greet; and oure God bifore alle goddis.

6 The Lord made alle thingis, what euere thingis he wolde, in heuene and in erthe; in the see, and in alle depthis of watris.

7 He ledde out cloudis fro the ferthest part of erthe; and made leitis in to reyn. Which bringith forth wyndis fro hise tresours;

8 which killide the firste gendrid thingis of Egipt, fro man `til to beeste.

9 He sente out signes and grete wondris, in the myddil of thee, thou Egipt; in to Farao and in to alle hise seruauntis.

10 Which smoot many folkis; and killide stronge kingis.

11 Seon, the king of Ammorreis, and Og, the king of Basan; and alle the rewmes of Chanaan.

12 And he yaf the lond of hem eritage; eritage to Israel, his puple.

13 Lord, thi name is with outen ende; Lord, thi memorial be in generacioun and in to generacioun.

14 For the Lord schal deme his puple; and he schal be preied in hise seruauntis.

15 The symulacris of hethene men ben siluer and gold; the werkis of the hondis of men.

16 Tho han a mouth, and schulen not speke; tho han iyen, and schulen not se.

17 Tho han eeris, and schulen not here; for `nether spirit is in the mouth of tho.

18 Thei that maken tho, be maad lijk tho; and alle that tristen in tho.

19 The hous of Israel, blesse ye the Lord; the hous of Aaron, blesse ye the Lord.

20 The hous of Leuy, blesse ye the Lord; ye that dreden the Lord, `blesse ye the Lord.

21 Blessid be the Lord of Syon; that dwellith in Jerusalem.

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