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Salmos 139

1 The `title of the hundrid and nyne and thrittithe `salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauith.

2 Lord, delyuere thou me fro an yuel man; delyuere thou me fro a wickid man.

3 Whiche thouyten wickidnesses in the herte; al dai thei ordeyneden batels.

4 Thei scharpiden her tungis as serpentis; the venym of snakis vndir the lippis of hem.

5 Lord, kepe thou me fro the hond of the synnere; and delyuere thou me fro wickid men. Which thouyten to disseyue my goyngis;

6 proude men hidden a snare to me. And thei leiden forth cordis in to a snare; thei settiden sclaundir to me bisidis the weie.

7 I seide to the Lord, Thou art mi God; Lord, here thou the vois of my biseching.

8 Lord, Lord, the vertu of myn heelthe; thou madist schadowe on myn heed in the dai of batel.

9 Lord, bitake thou not me fro my desire to the synnere; thei thouyten ayens me, forsake thou not me, lest perauenture thei ben enhaunsid.

10 The heed of the cumpas of hem; the trauel of her lippis schal hile hem.

11 Colis schulen falle on hem, thou schalt caste hem doun in to fier; in wretchidnessis thei schulen not stonde.

12 A man a greet ianglere schal not be dressid in erthe; yuels schulen take an vniust man in perisching.

13 I haue knowe, that the Lord schal make dom of a nedi man; and the veniaunce of pore men.

14 Netheles iust men schulen knouleche to thi name; and riytful men schulen dwelle with thi cheer.

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