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Salmos 142

1 The `title of the hundrid and two and fourtithe salm. The salm of Dauid. Lord, here thou my preier, with eeris perseyue thou my biseching; in thi treuthe here thou me, in thi riytwisnesse.

2 And entre thou not in to dom with thi seruaunt; for ech man lyuynge schal not be maad iust in thi siyt.

3 For the enemy pursuede my soule; he made lowe my lijf in erthe. He hath set me in derk placis, as the deed men of the world,

4 and my spirit was angwischid on me; myn herte was disturblid in me.

5 I was myndeful of elde daies, Y bithouyte in alle thi werkis; Y bithouyte in the dedis of thin hondis.

6 I helde forth myn hondis to thee; my soule as erthe with out water to thee.

7 Lord, here thou me swiftli; my spirit failide. Turne thou not a wei thi face fro me; and Y schal be lijk to hem that gon doun in to the lake.

8 Make thou erli thi merci herd to me; for Y hopide in thee. Make thou knowun to me the weie in which Y schal go; for Y reiside my soule to thee.

9 Delyuere thou me fro myn enemyes, Lord, Y fledde to thee;

10 teche thou me to do thi wille, for thou art my God. Thi good spirit schal lede me forth in to a riytful lond;

11 Lord, for thi name thou schalt quikene me in thin equite. Thou schalt lede my soule out of tribulacioun;

12 and in thi merci thou schalt scatere alle myn enemyes. And thou schalt leese alle them, that troublen my soule; for Y am thi seruaunt.

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