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Salmos 145

1 The `title of the hundred and fyue and fourtithe `salm. Alleluya.

2 Mi soule, herie thou the Lord; Y schal herie the Lord in my lijf, Y schal synge to my God as longe as Y schal be. Nile ye triste in princis;

3 nether in the sones of men, in whiche is noon helthe.

4 The spirit of hym schal go out, and he schal turne ayen in to his erthe; in that dai alle the thouytis of hem schulen perische.

5 He is blessid, of whom the God of Jacob is his helpere, his hope is in his Lord God, that made heuene and erthe;

6 the see, and alle thingis that ben in tho.

7 Which kepith treuthe in to the world, makith dom to hem that suffren wrong; yyueth mete to hem that ben hungri. The Lord vnbyndith feterid men;

8 the Lord liytneth blynde men. The Lord reisith men hurtlid doun; the Lord loueth iust men.

9 The Lord kepith comelyngis, he schal take vp a modirles child, and widewe; and he schal distrie the weies of synners.

10 The Lord schal regne in to the worldis; Syon, thi God schal regne in generacioun and in to generacioun.

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