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Salmos 148

1 The `title of the hundrid and eiyte and fourtithe salm. Alleluya. Ye of heuenes, herie the Lord; herie ye hym in hiye thingis.

2 Alle hise aungels, herie ye hym; alle hise vertues, herye ye hym.

3 Sunne and moone, herie ye hym; alle sterris and liyt, herie ye hym.

4 Heuenes of heuenes, herie ye hym; and the watris that ben aboue heuenes,

5 herie ye the name of the Lord.

6 For he seide, and thingis weren maad; he comaundide, and thingis weren maad of nouyt. He ordeynede tho thingis in to the world, and in to the world of world; he settide a comaundement, and it schal not passe.

7 Ye of erthe, herie ye the Lord; dragouns, and alle depthis of watris.

8 Fier, hail, snow, iys, spiritis of tempestis; that don his word.

9 Mounteyns, and alle litle hillis; trees berynge fruyt, and alle cedris.

10 Wielde beestis, and alle tame beestis; serpentis, and fetherid briddis.

11 The kingis of erthe, and alle puplis; the princis, and alle iugis of erthe.

12 Yonge men, and virgyns, elde men with yongere, herie ye the name of the Lord;

13 for the name of hym aloone is enhaunsid.

14 His knouleching be on heuene and erthe; and he hath enhaunsid the horn of his puple. An ympne be to alle hise seyntis; to the children of Israel, to a puple neiyynge to hym.

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