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Salmos 15

1 The title of the fiuetenthe salm. `Of the meke and symple, the salm of Dauid. Lord, kepe thou me, for Y haue hopid in thee;

2 Y seide to the Lord, Thou art my God, for thou hast no nede of my goodis.

3 To the seyntis that ben in the lond of hym; he made wondurful alle my willis in hem.

4 The sikenessis of hem ben multiplied; aftirward thei hastiden. I schal not gadire togidere the conuenticulis, `ethir litle couentis, of hem of bloodis; and Y schal not be myndeful of her names bi my lippis.

5 The Lord is part of myn eritage, and of my passion; thou art, that schalt restore myn eritage to me.

6 Coordis felden to me in ful clere thingis; for myn eritage is ful cleer to me.

7 I schal blesse the Lord, that yaf vndurstondyng to me; ferthermore and my reynes blameden me `til to nyyt.

8 I purueide euere the Lord in my siyt; for he is on the riythalf to me, that Y be not moued.

9 For this thing myn herte was glad, and my tunge ioyede fulli; ferthermore and my fleisch schal reste in hope.

10 For thou schalt not forsake my soule in helle; nether thou schalt yyue thin hooli to se corrupcioun. Thou hast maad knowun to me the weies of lijf; thou schalt fille me of gladnesse with thi cheer; delityngis ben in thi riythalf `til in to the ende.

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