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Salmos 16

1 The title of the sixtenthe salm. The preier of Dauid. Lord, here thou my riytfulnesse; biholde thou my preier. Perseuye thou with eeris my preier; not maad in gileful lippis.

2 Mi doom come `forth of thi cheer; thin iyen se equite.

3 Thou hast preued myn herte, and hast visitid in niyt; thou hast examynyd me bi fier, and wickidnesse is not foundun in me.

4 That my mouth speke not the werkis of men; for the wordis of thi lippis Y haue kept harde weies.

5 Make thou perfit my goyngis in thi pathis; that my steppis be not moued.

6 I criede, for thou, God, herdist me; bowe doun thin eere to me, and here thou my wordis.

7 Make wondurful thi mercies; that makist saaf `men hopynge in thee.

8 Kepe thou me as the appil of the iye; fro `men ayenstondynge thi riyt hond. Keuere thou me vndur the schadewe of thi wyngis;

9 fro the face of vnpitouse men, that han turmentid me. Myn enemyes han cumpassid my soule;

10 thei han closide togidere her fatnesse; the mouth of hem spak pride.

11 Thei castiden me forth, and han cumpassid me now; thei ordeyneden to bowe doun her iyen in to erthe.

12 Thei, as a lioun maad redi to prey, han take me; and as the whelp of a lioun dwellynge in hid places.

13 Lord, rise thou vp, bifor come thou hym, and disseyue thou hym; delyuere thou my lijf fro the `vnpitouse,

14 delyuere thou thi swerd fro the enemyes of thin hond. Lord, departe thou hem fro a fewe men of `the lond in the lijf of hem; her wombe is fillid of thin hid thingis. Thei ben fillid with sones; and thei leften her relifis to her litle children.

15 But Y in riytfulnesse schal appere to thi siyt; Y schal be fillid, whanne thi glorie schal appere.

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