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Salmos 18

1 The title of the eiytenthe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid.

2 Heuenes tellen out the glorie of God; and the firmament tellith the werkis of hise hondis.

3 The dai tellith out to the dai a word; and the nyyt schewith kunnyng to the nyyt.

4 No langagis ben, nether wordis; of whiche the voices of hem ben not herd.

5 The soun of hem yede out in to al erthe; and the wordis of hem `yeden out in to the endis of the world.

6 In the sunne he hath set his tabernacle; and he as a spouse comynge forth of his chaumbre. He fulli ioyede, as a giaunt, to renne his weie;

7 his goynge out was fro hiyeste heuene. And his goyng ayen was to the hiyeste therof; and noon is that hidith hym silf fro his heet.

8 The lawe of the Lord is with out wem, and conuertith soulis; the witnessyng of the Lord is feithful, and yyueth wisdom to litle children.

9 The riytfulnessis of the Lord ben riytful, gladdynge hertis; the comaundement of the Lord is cleere, liytnynge iyen.

10 The hooli drede of the Lord dwellith in to world of world; the domes of the Lord ben trewe, iustified in to hem silf.

11 Desirable more than gold, and a stoon myche preciouse; and swettere than hony and honycoomb.

12 `Forwhi thi seruaunt kepith thoo; myche yeldyng is in tho to be kept.

13 Who vndurstondith trespassis? make thou me cleene fro my priuy synnes;

14 and of alien synnes spare thi seruaunt. `If the forseid defautis ben not, Lord, of me, than Y schal be with out wem; and Y schal be clensid of the mooste synne.

15 And the spechis of my mouth schulen be, that tho plese; and the thenkynge of myn herte euere in thi siyt. Lord, myn helpere; and myn ayenbiere.

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