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Salmos 19

1 The title of the nyntenthe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid.

2 The Lord here thee in the dai of tribulacioun; the name of God of Jacob defende thee.

3 Sende he helpe to thee fro the hooli place; and fro Syon defende he thee.

4 Be he myndeful of al thi sacrifice; and thi brent sacrifice be maad fat.

5 Yyue he to thee aftir thin herte; and conferme he al thi counsel.

6 We schulen be glad in thin helthe; and we schulen be magnyfied in the name of oure God.

7 The Lord fille alle thin axyngis; nowe Y haue knowe, that the Lord hath maad saaf his crist. He schal here hym fro his hooly heuene; the helthe of his riyt hond is in poweris.

8 Thes in charis, and these in horsis; but we schulen inwardli clepe in the name of oure Lord God.

9 Thei ben boundun, and felden doun; but we han rise, and ben reisid.

10 Lord, make thou saaf the kyng; and here thou vs in the dai in which we inwardli clepen thee.

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