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Salmos 20

1 The title of the twentithe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid.

2 Lord, the kyng schal be glad in thi vertu; and he schal ful out haue ioye greetli on thin helthe.

3 Thou hast youe to hym the desire of his herte; and thou hast not defraudid hym of the wille of hise lippis.

4 For thou hast bifor come hym in the blessyngis of swetnesse; thou hast set on his heed a coroun of preciouse stoon.

5 He axide of thee lijf, and thou yauest to hym; the lengthe of daies in to the world, `and in to the world of world.

6 His glorie is greet in thin helthe; thou schalt putte glorie, and greet fayrnesse on hym.

7 For thou schalt yyue hym in to blessing in to the world of world; thou schalt make hym glad in ioye with thi cheer.

8 For the kyng hopith in the Lord; and in the merci of the hiyeste he schal not be moued.

9 Thyn hond be foundun to alle thin enemyes; thi riythond fynde alle hem that haten thee.

10 Thou schalt putte hem as a furneis of fier in the tyme of thi cheer; the Lord schal disturble hem in his ire, and fier schal deuoure hem.

11 Thou schalt leese the fruyt of hem fro erthe; and `thou schalt leese the seed of hem fro the sones of men.

12 For thei bowiden yuels ayens thee; thei thouyten counseils, whiche thei myyten not stablische.

13 For thou schalt putte hem abac; in thi relifs thou schalt make redi the cheer of hem.

14 Lord, be thou enhaunsid in thi vertu; we schulen synge, and seie opinly thi vertues.

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