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Salmos 24

1 The title of the foure and twentithe salm. To Dauid.

2 Lord, to thee Y haue reisid my soule; my God, Y truste in thee, be Y not aschamed.

3 Nethir myn enemyes scorne me; for alle men that suffren thee schulen not be schent.

4 Alle men doynge wickyd thingis superfluli; be schent. Lord, schewe thou thi weies to me; and teche thou me thi pathis.

5 Dresse thou me in thi treuthe, and teche thou me, for thou art God my sauyour; and Y suffride thee al dai.

6 Lord, haue thou mynde of thi merciful doyngis; and of thi mercies that ben fro the world.

7 Haue thou not mynde on the trespassis of my yongthe; and on myn vnkunnyngis. Thou, Lord, haue mynde on me bi thi merci; for thi goodnesse.

8 The Lord is swete and riytful; for this he schal yyue a lawe to men trespassynge in the weie.

9 He schal dresse deboner men in doom; he schal teche mylde men hise weies.

10 Alle the weies of the Lord ben mercy and treuthe; to men sekynge his testament, and hise witnessyngis.

11 Lord, for thi name thou schalt do merci to my synne; for it is myche.

12 Who is a man, that dredith the Lord? he ordeyneth to hym a lawe in the weie which he chees.

13 His soule schal dwelle in goodis; and his seed schal enerite the lond.

14 The Lord is a sadnesse to men dredynge hym; and his testament is, that it be schewid to hem.

15 Myn iyen ben euere to the Lord; for he schal breide awey my feet fro the snare.

16 Biholde thou on me, and haue thou mercy on me; for Y am

17 oon aloone and pore The tribulaciouns of myn herte ben multiplied; delyuere thou me of my nedis.

18 Se thou my mekenesse and my trauel; and foryyue thou alle my trespassis.

19 Bihold thou myn enemyes, for thei ben multiplied; and thei haten me bi wickid hatrede.

20 Kepe thou my soule, and delyuere thou me; be Y not aschamed, for Y hopide in thee.

21 Innocent men and riytful cleuyden to me; for Y suffride thee.

22 God, delyuere thou Israel; fro alle hise tribulaciouns.

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