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Salmos 25

1 The title of the fyue and twentithe salm. `To Dauid. Lord, deme thou me, for Y entride in myn innocens; and Y hopynge in the Lord schal not be made vnstidfast.

2 Lord, preue thou me, and asaie me; brenne thou my reynes, and myn herte.

3 For whi thi merci is bifor myn iyen; and Y pleside in thi treuthe.

4 I sat not with the counsel of vanyte; and Y schal not entre with men doynge wickid thingis.

5 I hatide the chirche of yuele men; and Y schal not sitte with wickid men.

6 I schal waische myn hondis among innocentis; and, Lord, Y schal cumpasse thin auter.

7 That Y here the vois of heriyng; and that Y telle out alle thi merueils.

8 Lord, Y haue loued the fairnesse of thin hows; and the place of the dwellyng of thi glorie.

9 God, leese thou not my soule with vnfeithful men; and my lijf with men of bloodis.

10 In whose hondis wyckidnessis ben; the riythond of hem is fillid with yiftis.

11 But Y entride in myn innocens; ayenbie thou me, and haue merci on me.

12 Mi foot stood in riytfulnesse; Lord, Y schal blesse thee in chirchis.

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