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Salmos 29

1 The title of the nyne and twentithe salm. The salm of song, for the halewyng of the hows of Dauid.

2 Lord, Y schal enhaunse thee, for thou hast vp take me; and thou delitidist not myn enemyes on me.

3 Mi Lord God, Y criede to thee; and thou madist me hool.

4 Lord, thou leddist out my soule fro helle; thou sauedist me fro hem that goen doun into the lake.

5 Ye seyntis of the Lord, synge to the Lord; and knowleche ye to the mynde of his hoolynesse.

6 For ire is in his indignacioun; and lijf is in his wille. Wepyng schal dwelle at euentid; and gladnesse at the morewtid.

7 Forsothe Y seide in my plentee; Y schal not be moued with outen ende.

8 Lord, in thi wille; thou hast youe vertu to my fairnesse. Thou turnedist awei thi face fro me; and Y am maad disturblid.

9 Lord, Y schal crye to thee; and Y schal preye to my God.

10 What profit is in my blood; while Y go doun in to corrupcioun? Whether dust schal knouleche to thee; ethir schal telle thi treuthe?

11 The Lord herde, and hadde merci on me; the Lord is maad myn helpere.

12 Thou hast turned my weilyng in to ioye to me; thou hast to-rent my sak, and hast cumpassid me with gladnesse.

13 That my glorie synge to thee, and Y be not compunct; my Lord God, Y schal knouleche to thee with outen ende.

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