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Salmos 33

1 The title of the thre and thrittithe salm. To Dauid, whanne he chaungide his mouth bifor Abymalech, and he `droof out Dauid, `and he yede forth.

2 I schal blesse the Lord in al tyme; euere his heriyng is in my mouth.

3 Mi soule schal be preisid in the Lord; mylde men here, and be glad.

4 Magnyfie ye the Lord with me; and enhaunse we his name into it silf.

5 I souyte the Lord, and he herde me; and he delyueride me fro alle my tribulaciouns.

6 Neiye ye to him, and be ye liytned; and youre faces schulen not be schent.

7 This pore man criede, and the Lord herde hym; and sauyde hym fro alle hise tribulaciouns.

8 The aungel of the Lord sendith in the cumpas of men dredynge hym; and he schal delyuere hem.

9 Taaste ye, and se, for the Lord is swete; blessid is the man, that hopith in hym.

10 Alle ye hooli men of the Lord, drede hym; for no nedynesse is to men dredynge hym.

11 Riche men weren nedi, and weren hungri; but men that seken the Lord schulen not faile of al good.

12 Come, ye sones, here ye me; Y schal teche you the drede of the Lord.

13 Who is a man, that wole lijf; loueth to se good daies?

14 Forbede thi tunge fro yuel; and thi lippis speke not gile.

15 Turne thou awei fro yuel, and do good; seke thou pees, and perfitli sue thou it.

16 The iyen of the Lord ben on iust men; and hise eeren ben to her preiers.

17 But the cheer of the Lord is on men doynge yuels; that he leese the mynde of hem fro erthe.

18 Just men cryeden, and the Lord herde hem; and delyueride hem fro alle her tribulaciouns.

19 The Lord is nyy hem that ben of troblid herte; and he schal saue meke men in spirit.

20 Many tribulaciouns ben of iust men; and the Lord schal delyuere hem fro alle these.

21 The Lord kepith alle the boonys of hem; oon of tho schal not be brokun.

22 The deth of synneris is werst; and thei that haten a iust man schulen trespasse.

23 The Lord schal ayenbie the soulis of hise seruauntis; and alle, that hopen in him, schulen not trespasse.

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