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Salmos 35

1 `The title of the fyue and thrittithe salm. `To victorie, to Dauid, `the seruaunt of the Lord.

2 The vniust man seide, that he trespasse in hym silf; the drede of God is not bifor hise iyen.

3 For he dide gilefuli in the siyt of God; that his wickidnesse be foundun to hatrede.

4 The wordis of his mouth ben wickidnesse and gile, he nolde vndirstonde to do wel.

5 He thouyte wickidnesse in his bed, he stood nyy al weie not good; forsothe he hatide not malice.

6 Lord, thi merci is in heuene; and thi treuthe is `til to cloudis.

7 Thi riytfulnesse is as the hillis of God; thi domes ben myche depthe of watris. Lord, thou schalt saue men and beestis;

8 as thou, God, hast multiplied thi merci. But the sones of men; schulen hope in the hilyng of thi wyngis.

9 Thei schulen be fillid gretli of the plentee of thin hows; and thou schalt yyue drynke to hem with the steef streem of thi likyng.

10 For the wel of life is at thee; and in thi liyt we schulen se liyt.

11 Lord, sette forth thi mercy to hem, that knowen thee; and thi ryytfulnesse to hem that ben of riytful herte.

12 The foot of pryde come not to me; and the hond of the synnere moue me not.

13 There thei felden doun, that worchen wickidnesse; thei ben cast out, and myyten not stonde.

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