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Salmos 37

1 The title of the seuene and thrittithe salm. `The salm of Dauid, to bythenke on the sabat.

2 Lord, repreue thou not me in thi strong veniaunce; nether chastice thou me in thin ire.

3 For thin arowis ben fitchid in me; and thou hast confermed thin hond on me.

4 Noon helthe is in my fleisch fro the face of thin ire; no pees is to my boonys fro the face of my synnes.

5 For my wickidnessis ben goon ouer myn heed; as an heuy birthun, tho ben maad heuy on me.

6 Myn heelid woundis weren rotun, and ben brokun; fro the face of myn vnwisdom.

7 I am maad a wretche, and Y am bowid doun til in to the ende; al dai Y entride sorewful.

8 For my leendis ben fillid with scornyngis; and helthe is not in my fleisch.

9 I am turmentid, and maad low ful greetli; Y roride for the weilyng of myn herte.

10 Lord, al my desire is bifor thee; and my weilyng is not hid fro thee.

11 Myn herte is disturblid in me, my vertu forsook me; and the liyt of myn iyen `forsook me, and it is not with me.

12 My frendis and my neiyboris neiyiden; and stoden ayens me. And thei that weren bisidis me stoden afer;

13 and thei diden violence, that souyten my lijf. And thei that souyten yuels to me, spaken vanytees; and thouyten gilis al dai.

14 But Y as a deef man herde not; and as a doumb man not openynge his mouth.

15 And Y am maad as a man not herynge; and not hauynge repreuyngis in his mouth.

16 For, Lord, Y hopide in thee; my Lord God, thou schalt here me.

17 For Y seide, Lest ony tyme myn enemyes haue ioye on me; and the while my feet ben mouyd, thei spaken grete thingis on me.

18 For Y am redi to betyngis; and my sorewe is euere in my siyt.

19 For Y schal telle my wickidnesse; and Y schal thenke for my synne.

20 But myn enemyes lyuen, and ben confermed on me; and thei ben multiplyed, that haten me wickidli.

21 Thei that yelden yuels for goodis, backbitiden me; for Y suede goodnesse.

22 My Lord God, forsake thou not me; go thou not awei fro me.

23 Lord God of myn helthe; biholde thou in to myn help.

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