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Salmos 38

1 The title of the eiyte and threttithe salm. For victorie, to Iditum, the song of Dauid.

2 I seide, Y schal kepe my weies; that Y trespasse not in my tunge. I settide kepyng to my mouth; whanne a synnere stood ayens me.

3 I was doumb, and was mekid ful gretli, and was stille fro goodis; and my sorewe was renulid.

4 Myn herte was hoot with ynne me; and fier schal brenne out in my thenkyng.

5 I spak in my tunge; Lord, make thou myn eende knowun to me. And the noumbre of my daies what it is; that Y wite, what failith to me.

6 Lo! thou hast set my daies mesurable; and my substaunce is as nouyt bifor thee. Netheles al vanytee; ech man lyuynge.

7 Netheles a man passith in ymage; but also he is disturblid veynli. He tresorith; and he noot, to whom he `schal gadere tho thingis.

8 And now which is myn abiding? whether not the Lord? and my substaunce is at thee.

9 Delyuere thou me fro alle my wickidnessis; thou hast youe me schenschip to the vnkunnynge.

10 I was doumbe, and openyde not my mouth; for thou hast maad,

11 remoue thou thi woundis fro me.

12 Fro the strengthe of thin hond Y failide in blamyngis; for wickidnesse thou hast chastisid man. And thou madist his lijf to faile as an yreyne; netheles ech man is disturblid in veyn.

13 Lord, here thou my preier and my bisechyng; perseyue thou with eeris my teeris.

14 Be thou not stille, for Y am a comelyng at thee; and a pilgrime, as alle my fadris.

15 Foryyue thou to me, that Y be refreischid, bifor that Y go; and Y schal no more be.

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