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Salmos 4

1 The title of the fourthe salm. `To the victorie in orguns; the salm of Dauid.

2 Whanne Y inwardli clepid, God of my riytwisnesse herde me; in tribulacioun thou hast alargid to me.

3 Haue thou mercy on me; and here thou my preier. Sones of men, hou long ben ye of heuy herte? whi louen ye vanite, and seken a leesyng?

4 And wite ye, that the Lord hath maad merueilous his hooli man; the Lord schal here me, whanne Y schal crye to hym.

5 Be ye wrothe, and nyle ye do synne; `and for tho thingis whiche ye seien in youre hertis and in youre beddis, be ye compunct.

6 Sacrifie ye `the sacrifice of riytfulnesse, and hope ye in the Lord; many seien, Who schewide goodis to vs?

7 Lord, the liyt of thi cheer is markid on vs; thou hast youe gladnesse in myn herte.

8 Thei ben multiplied of the fruit of whete, and of wyn; and of her oile.

9 In pees in the same thing; Y schal slepe, and take reste.

10 For thou, Lord; hast set me syngulerli in hope.

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