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Salmos 40

1 The title of the fourtithe salm. For victorie, the song of Dauid.

2 Blessid is he that vndurstondith `on a nedi man and pore; the Lord schal delyuere hym in the yuel dai.

3 The Lord kepe hym, and quykene hym, and make hym blesful in the lond; and bitake not hym in to the wille of his enemyes.

4 The Lord bere help to hym on the bed of his sorewe; thou hast ofte turned al his bed stre in his sijknesse.

5 I seide, Lord, haue thou mercy on me; heele thou my soule, for Y synnede ayens thee.

6 Myn enemyes seiden yuels to me; Whanne schal he die, and his name schal perische?

7 And if he entride for to se, he spak veyn thingis; his herte gaderide wickidnesse to hym silf.

8 He yede with out forth; and spak to the same thing. Alle myn enemyes bacbitiden pryuyli ayens me; ayens me thei thouyten yuels to me.

9 Thei ordeineden an yuel word ayens me; Whether he that slepith, schal not leie to, that he rise ayen?

10 For whi the man of my pees, in whom Y hopide, he that eet my looues; made greet disseit on me.

11 But thou, Lord, haue merci on me, and reise me ayen; and Y schal yelde to hem.

12 In this thing Y knew, that thou woldist me; for myn enemye schal not haue ioye on me.

13 Forsothe thou hast take me vp for ynnocence; and hast confermed me in thi siyt with outen ende.

14 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel, fro the world and in to the world; be it doon, be it doon.

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