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Salmos 42

1 `The two and fourtithe salm. God, deme thou me, and departe thou my cause fro a folc not hooli; delyuere thou me fro a wickid man, and gileful.

2 For thou art God, my strengthe; whi hast thou put me abac, and whi go Y soreuful, while the enemy turmentith me?

3 Sende out thi liyt, and thi treuthe; tho ledden me forth, and brouyten in to thin hooli hil, and in to thi tabernaclis.

4 And Y schal entre to the auter of God; to God, that gladith my yongthe. God, my God, Y schal knowleche to thee in an harpe; my soule,

5 whi art thou sory, and whi troblist thou me? Hope thou in God, for yit Y schal knouleche to hym; he is the helthe of my cheer, and my God.

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