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Salmos 43

1 The title of the thre and fourtithe salm. `To victorie, lernyng to the sones of Chore.

2 God, we herden with oure eeris; oure fadris telden to vs. The werk, which thou wrouytist in the daies of hem; and in elde daies.

3 Thin hond lost hethene men, and thou plauntidist hem; thou turmentidist puplis, and castidist hem out.

4 For the children of Israel weldiden the lond not bi her swerd; and the arm of hem sauyde not hem. But thi riyt hond, and thin arm, and the liytnyng of thi cheer; for thou were plesid in hem.

5 Thou art thi silf, my kyng and my God; that sendist helthis to Jacob.

6 Bi thee we schulen wyndewe oure enemyes with horn; and in thi name we schulen dispise hem, that risen ayen vs.

7 For Y schal not hope in my bouwe; and my swerd schal not saue me.

8 For thou hast saued vs fro men turmentinge vs; and thou hast schent men hatinge vs.

9 We schulen be preisid in God al dai; and in thi name we schulen knouleche to thee in to the world.

10 But now thou hast put vs abac, and hast schent vs; and thou, God, schalt not go out in oure vertues.

11 Thou hast turned vs awei bihynde aftir oure enemyes; and thei, that hatiden vs, rauyschiden dyuerseli to hem silf.

12 Thou hast youe vs as scheep of meetis; and among hethene men thou hast scaterid vs.

13 Thou hast seeld thi puple with out prijs; and multitude was not in the chaungyngis of hem.

14 Thou hast set vs schenschip to oure neiyboris; mouwyng and scorn to hem that ben in oure cumpas.

15 Thou hast set vs into licnesse to hethene me; stiryng of heed among puplis.

16 Al dai my schame is ayens me; and the schenschipe of my face hilide me.

17 Fro the vois of dispisere, and yuele spekere; fro the face of enemy, and pursuere.

18 Alle these thingis camen on vs, and we han not foryete thee; and we diden not wickidli in thi testament.

19 And oure herte yede not awei bihynde; and thou hast bowid awei oure pathis fro thi weie.

20 For thou hast maad vs lowe in the place of turment; and the schadewe of deth hilide vs.

21 If we foryaten the name of oure God; and if we helden forth oure hondis to an alien God.

22 Whether God schal not seke these thingis? for he knowith the hid thingis of herte. For whi we ben slayn al dai for thee; we ben demed as scheep of sleyng.

23 Lord, rise vp, whi slepist thou? rise vp, and putte not awei in to the ende.

24 Whi turnest thou awei thi face? thou foryetist oure pouert, and oure tribulacioun.

25 For oure lijf is maad low in dust; oure wombe is glued togidere in the erthe.

26 Lord, rise vp thou, and helpe vs; and ayenbie vs for thi name.

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