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Salmos 45

1 The title of the five and fourtithe salm. To the ouercomere, the song of the sones `of Chore, `for yongthis.

2 Oure God, thou art refuyt, and vertu; helpere in tribulacions, that han founde vs greetly.

3 Therfor we schulen not drede, while the erthe schal be troblid; and the hillis schulen be borun ouer in to the herte of the see.

4 The watris of hem sowneden, and weren troblid; hillis weren troblid togidere in the strengthe of hym.

5 The feersnesse of flood makith glad the citee of God; the hiyeste God hath halewid his tabernacle.

6 God in the myddis therof schal not be moued; God schal helpe it eerli in the grey morewtid.

7 Hethene men weren disturblid togidere, and rewmes weren bowid doun; God yaf his vois, the erthe was moued.

8 The Lord of vertues is with vs; God of Jacob is oure vptakere.

9 Come ye, and se the werkis of the Lord; whiche wondris he hath set on the erthe.

10 He doynge awei batels til to the ende of the lond; schal al to-brese bouwe, and schal breke togidere armuris, and schal brenne scheldis bi fier.

11 Yyue ye tent, and se ye, that Y am God; Y schal be enhaunsid among hethene men; and Y schal be enhaunsid in erthe.

12 The Lord of vertues is with vs; God of Jacob is oure vptakere.

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