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Salmos 47

1 The title of the seuene and fourtithe salm. The song of salm, of the sones of Chore.

2 The Lord is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche; in the citee of oure God, in the hooli hil of hym.

3 It is foundid in the ful out ioiyng of al erthe; the hil of Syon; the sidis of the north, the citee of the greet kyng.

4 God schal be knowun in the housis therof; whanne he schal take it.

5 For lo! the kyngis of erthe weren gaderid togidere; thei camen into o place.

6 Thei seynge so wondriden; thei weren disturblid, thei weren mouyd togidere, tremblyng took hem.

7 There sorewis as of a womman trauelynge of child;

8 in a greet spirit thou schalt al to-breke the schippis of Tharsis.

9 As we herden, so we sien, in the citee of the Lord of vertues, in the citee of oure God; God hath foundid that citee with outen ende.

10 God, we han resseyued thi mercy; in the myddis of thi temple.

11 Aftir thi name, God, so thin heriyng is spred abrood in to the endis of erthe; thi riyt hond is ful of riytfulnesse.

12 The hil of Sion be glad, and the douytris of Judee be fulli ioiful; for thi domes, Lord.

13 Cumpasse ye Syon, and biclippe ye it; telle ye in the touris therof.

14 Sette ye youre hertis in the vertu of him; and departe ye the housis of hym, that ye telle out in an other generacioun.

15 For this is God, oure God, in to withouten ende, and in to the world of world; he schal gouerne vs in to worldis.

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